With VivaWashing as your business partner, you also have available the following services:

VIVA WAshing has specialized ironing service to meet customer needs.

Our facilities have the necessary machinery to ensure the correct treatment of all types of clothing, such as professional finishing tables, mannequins, presses, working clothing finishing tunnel, etc.

VIVA Washing has dry cleaning machines to ensure the correct and proper care of the parts that require it.

Rugs and carpets by the nature of their function accumulate a lot of dust and dirt, requiring deep cleaning and special sanitation.

VIVA Washing uses technically advanced methods to remove the same dirt and dust.

VIVA Washing takes care of cleaning all types of skins in highly specialized machines with non-abrasive solvents that while cleaning also treat.

After cleansing the skins are enriched with natural oils and minerals to protect the skin from rain, sunlight and artificial light.

Each skin type has a different treatment to maintain its original colour and texture.

VIVA Washing offers dyeing services for parts in the same and different colours.

Dyeing is a garment colour change, it is a process developed at high temperatures, which requires special attention to the fabric’s resistance. The garment is dyed as many times as necessary and then before the final finish it goes through a washing process to remove excess paint.

In order to extend the life of your carpets, rugs and curtains, VIVA Washing provides a distinctive waterproofing and treatment service for textiles.

This treatment acts as an invisible fiber’s protective layer, preventing the penetration of most stains and marks, extending at the same time the textile’s life.

The main benefit of our waterproofing and treatment service is guaranteeing that when something falls on the rug or carpet, acting at the moment, it will be able to remove the liquid or piece of food without staining.

With this service we aim to offer our customers the possibility of having a single partner like VIVA WASHING that meets all their needs in terms of care and maintenance of clothes.

Our professionals are able to make all kinds of sewing arrangements on all garments ensuring quality of service.

VIVA Washing has professional cleaning techniques adapted to the nature of the products.

Textiles need professional cleaning to remove stains, halos, mites, mold, dust…

We have available techniques, materials and equipment suitable for the size and diverse nature of your textiles, guaranteeing a perfect result and better finish.

Curtains are made of delicate fabrics so they need professional treatment.

VIVA Washing is technically and professionally prepared to respond to this special treatment.

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